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     Complete growth and carcass
          breedplan data
    Structurally assessed
    BVDV Ear notched negative


Bottlesford Gunfire

Bottlesford Gotcha

Sterling bull calf


Animals for Sale

 Murray Grey Bulls                               


Bottlesford Ploughman

Bottlesford Power House

        Bottlesford Ploughman                   Bottlesford Power House                

Angus Bulls

Bottlesford Night Life

Bottlesford Pizzazz

Bottlesford Piping Hot

Witherswood Hector P41


          Bottlesford Night Life                                 Bottlesford Pizzazz

          Bottlesford Piping Hot                              Witherswood Hector P41



The 2019 draft of PTIC heifers have all been sold. Thanks to the purchasers and to all those that made enquiries.

The next  drafft of PTIC females will be available in Spring 2020.

 Sale Heifers