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     Complete growth and carcass
          breedplan data
    Structurally assessed


Bottlesford Gunfire

Bottlesford Gotcha

Sterling bull calf


Animals for Sale


     GaranggiSOLDMannum              Bottlesford Magic

     BottlesfordSOLDrrator              BottlesfordSOLDoleon

     Bottlesford Nitro                      BottlesfordSOLDro

     Bottlesford Nespresso               BottlesfordSOLDht Rider

     BottlesfordSOLDthern Star        GaranggiSOLDullarbor




                    Bottlesford Nitro                                 Bottlesford Nespresso


                   Bottlesford Narrator                              Bottlesford Magic


PTIC Females

PTIC heifers for sale, due to calve from mid March 2019.

Tag No Sire Dam Joining Sire
 M32   SOLDBottlesford Jeopardy   Bottlesford Carrie F37  B. Magic
 M34   SOLDMonterey Detective   Bottlesford Rainbow F19  B. Magic
 M45   SOLDBottlesford Jeopardy   Monterey Joyce D219  B. Mocha (AI)
 M50   SOLDBottlesford Jackaroo   Woodbourn Hampers Pride  B. Mocha (AI)
 M53   Bottlesford Jeopardy   Monterey Gemma Z7  B. Magic
 M54   SOLDBottlesford Jackaroo   Woodbourn Miss Gretel C81  B. Magic
 N5   SOLDMonterey Sterling   Bottlesford Annabella J19  B. Magic
 N15   Tullibardine Jeopardy   Bottlesford Joyce G20  M. Nightfall
 N23   Monterey Detective   Bottlesford Kentie E22  B. Magic
 N29   Bottlesford Jeopardy   Bottlesford Showgirl G25  M. Nightguard
 N33   Bottlesford Jeopardy   Bottlesford Joyce E34  B. Magic


 Sale Heifers